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Tax Planning for Expats

Expats - you have an expiry date in the Middle East.

The day will come when you need to pack your bags and make way for a younger replacement.

It’s a fact 🤷🏻‍♂️

Now, where most expats go wrong is they avoid thinking of the inevitable…

They enjoy life in the fantasy bubble:

Tax-free income

Sunshine all year round

The best service in the world

Luxury, convenience, and entertainment at your beck and call

Most of their money was blown on vacations, shopping hauls, overpriced villas and expensive restaurants -

Been there, done that.

And, for the few that actually did something with their money by investing it, 9/10 didn’t factor tax planning into their future.

This is a BIG mistake.

Because, if you plan to retire in the UK, and you don’t protect your assets the right way as a British expat -

Your taxes will give you the shock of your life.

But, not all is lost.

The sooner you take action to protect your assets with the right tax vehicles -

The longer you get to enjoy the quality of life you’ve gotten used to.


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