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Baby Boomers are Dying

Baby Boomers are dying -

And as a result, the greatest wealth transfer in history is taking place.

But this statistic is a massive red flag

80-90% of heirs ditch their parents' financial advisors after claiming their inheritance. 🚩

This happens for two reasons:

1️⃣ The parents' financial advisor failed to build relationships with the family

2️⃣ The current portfolio structure does not complement the heirs' financial goals and values

When an heir changes their financial advisor, they could open themselves up to tax liability, mismanagement of funds and misinformation.

So, how do we fix this?

While all family members are still alive, include them in the process of structuring the portfolio.

This way, all opinions can be considered, and a financial advisor can build a portfolio that meets everyone’s needs.

If you have wealth that you'd like to pass on to your family -

Have those conversations now while you still can.


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