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Spouse + Money = ...

Does your significant other know your bank balance?

This is always a juicy topic as conversations about money often creates a lot of awkwardness and fear.

In my case, my missus has full access to our account, knows how much there is and can see every single transaction.

As the mum to our three toddlers, we agreed that her role would be to take care of our kids; whilst I ensure we’re protected financially.

That means:

- Every month, she gets a salary to do what she likes with

- I've got my own account for personal expenses like the gym, clothes, etc

- We share a pot of money for our living expenses

I always advise my clients - if both partners work - that a shared account to split living expenses is a good idea.

That way, you both feel the burden of increased living costs, and it doesn’t fall on one person’s shoulders.

There’s no right or wrong way to handle things, the only rule to follow is open communication.

Communication creates clarity. Clarity creates trust.

I’d love to know how you and your partner manage your finances.

Drop your thoughts below - let’s discuss this one. 😏


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