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Why I Lost The Weight

Between 2019 and now, I’ve lost 30 kgs.

Why did I do it?

Simple. I didn’t want to be a fat dad.

It was June 2018, my twin boys had just been born -

And carrying the two lads around left me huffing and puffing within a few minutes.

That needed to change.

I wanted to lose 15 kg, and to give myself a fighting chance, I hired a trainer.

He kicked my a$$ 💩

We flipped my mindset, and instead of needing to lose 15kgs - I told myself I need to lose 1kg 15 times.

Simple mindset shift, big impact.

As I ploughed through my training, I also looked at my diet, and my routines, and became ruthless with what I was putting into my body.

Two years later, I achieved my goal weight - and then continued.

Now, it’s a part of life and a non-negotiable for me.

The same way I approached my weight loss, is how I approach money.

Where do I want to be in X years?

How can I break it down into smaller goals?

It’s overwhelming when you focus on the entirety of your goal.

But if you flip things around, it’s easier and more rewarding as you hit your checkpoints sooner.

I'm glad I made the call to drop the dad bod 🤷🏻‍♂️

Life's a lot easier when you don't need to struggle.


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