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Fat Joe

Fat Joe loved blaming everyone else…

“I’m too busy to go to the gym”

“I don’t have time to eat healthy”

“I have to entertain my clients”

But by believing these lies, I got myself into an unrecognisable state.

30kgs overweight, panting after a short walk to the car -

And needing to loosen the belt buckle every few months.

It was everyone else’s fault, but not mine.

I was the victim 🤥

Becoming a dad gave me the push I needed to change my life and cut the BS.

But so many people stay STUCK in a poor mentality.

They claim they don't have money to invest, but drive the latest Range Rover

They can't afford Life Insurance, but pay £100+ per month for the top Sports package on the TV

They're struggling to keep up with credit card payments, but just sponsored a round of drinks at the pub

If you’re acting like Fat Joe right now and are blaming everyone else for your problems,

It’s time to STOP moaning and START taking responsibility.


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