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You Are The Stock Market

Every single person in the developed world supports the stock market so why isn’t every single person benefitting from it? 

That's right, we all support the stock market, so why don’t we ALL invest in it?

 The only people that "lose money" in the stock market are the ones who don’t invest in it, cos your money’s going there whether you like it or not.

Try this exercise:

Pull out your bank statement and go through it,

Your bank - Lloyds, HSBC, whoever - they're on the stock market

Your gas and electric company? Stock Market

Tesco - Stock Market

And then everything you bought in Tesco? Yup all on the stock market.

Wetherspoons? Stock Market.

The pint of Heineken you had? Stock Market.

H&M, Marks and Spencer’s, Lloyds pharmacy, Yup you guessed it. Stock Market.

The company that supplies your paper to the bank that sent you the statement you’re reading - Stock Market.

You get the gist 

You support the stock market 100s/1000s of times a day, you are the stock so why not invest and benefit from it because you’re in it whether you like it or not.

When I think of the stock market I think of a factory, a factory that produces real things, to real people, the things we use every single day and when the Coronavirus started to spread or Trump says something stupid they don’t stop producing, those production lines are building, making, creating 24 hours a day.

By investing in the stock market you are basically just sharing the profits of the economy.

Don't miss out.

Thanks for reading,


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