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What's Your Biggest Bill?

What’s your biggest bill?

Your mortgage?

Your car?


Your biggest bill should be investing in your future self. Remember, what you invest today is what you can spend tomorrow. And this should be increased every single year. For 2 reasons;

  1. In theory you should get a pay rise therefore you should invest more, otherwise you’ll just find pointless shit to spend it on.   

  2. Your earnings potential is shrinking, every single month. What do I mean by this? If you’re 40 years old and want to retire at 60, your "earnings window" is 240 paydays. Next month it’s 239. In a year it’s only 228.

Time is constant and it stops for nobody, so don't waste it.   

Every single month if you’re not investing religiously you are reducing your chances of living an enjoyable life in the future. 

And when you do, make sure you do it right. As we showed last week - If you don't, inflation is going to knock you out.

Thanks for reading,  


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