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The ROI of Shitty Clients

The wrong client can tarnish your reputation.

This is true - for any industry.

It just takes one client, one bad decision, to lose a reputation you’ve taken years to build.

I’ve learnt over the years that long-term relationships with clients are significantly more valuable to me than making a quick quid from a few once-off investments.

If you can’t see yourself working with me for the next 10+ years, then don’t even bother reaching out.

The cost of getting to know your financial situation isn’t worth the effort if there’s no scope for a long-term partnership.

And as much as you need to like me, my approach and ways of working -

I need to like you too.

Because if I don’t, it’s unlikely I’ll deliver the best possible service.

And your dissatisfaction will affect how you talk about me to others. 👎🏼

If you’re providing a service, always consider the cost of the relationship:

- The cost of your time

- The cost of your mental health

And the return on your investment for both if you move ahead.


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