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The Riskiest Investment You Can Make

What if I told you I knew an investment you could make where you are guaranteed to lose money. 

Where you can invest £10,000 today and in 10years you’ll have around £7,800 left.  

Would you take me up on the offer?

No, of course you wouldn't.  

So why are you keeping all your money in the bank?

Cash. (aka the bank) is the worst place to put your money. If you had put £10,000 in a bank account 10 years ago it would have hardly moved, if at all because of how low interest rates are. But, if you take inflation into account the actual spending power of your £10,000 a decade on would be less than £7,800 today.  

The UK government and most developed countries target around 2.5% inflation each year, that means the price of your coffee, water, insurance, petrol, food, etc. These items (and everything else) on average, will get 2.5% more expensive every 12 months. Therefore your money in the bank, every single year, will be worth less.   

 Think about that. You put money in the bank because it’s safe and you don't want to take any risk with it? That is the riskiest thing you can do. The only thing that’s guaranteed if you leave your savings in the bank is that it will lose money. 

It's time to stop losing money.

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