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Half a Pint of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

My Dad always tells a story of when he was 18. Him and a mate went to the local pub, the Roman Ridge on the flower Estate in Sheffield, and between them they only had enough money for half a pint of lager and a packet of crisps. So they shared them, and that was the last penny my Dad had to his name at that time, and that was when he vowed he’d never ben skint again.

And from then on he’s never been in debt.

My dads a typical Yorkshireman - he knows the value of a quid and he’s a very good saver. Granted he’s not always done the best thing with his money in terms of where he puts it and we have debates on this on a regular basis as he’s a cash-in-his-pocket sort of guy, becuase "that’s safe".

I was 18 years old before he actually had a bank account. My Dads one of them, self employed, cash is king, "Banks are the devil" sort of guys, and I still don’t think he fully understands what I do! But one thing he’s always said which has stuck with me is:

If you spend £1 less than what you earn you’ll always have money, if you spend £1 more than what you earn, you’ll always be in debt.  

And I suppose it translates to one of my main messages which is: save... and then spend.

Make your savings automated, budgeting, know what you’re earning and know what you’re spending . I say it a thousand different ways but ultimately it all means the same thing.  

Spend less, save more.  

So I suppose you’ve all got my dad to thank for that.  

 So, Remember step 1 of financial planning 101, spend less than what you earn, for steps 2 and 3, well if you’d paid attention to my videos youd know them already, if not head over to where you’ll find everything, and if you really wanna be blown away, join our World Famous weekly email whilst you're there.

Thanks for reading,


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