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COVID-19: And We're Back

If you missed my video from last week, it's here - but if you can't get away with sound in the office (if you're lucky enough to be back in one) then continue reading below!

And just like that, we’re back to where we started.

3 months ago the world stopped, we learnt new phrases, like lockdown and social distancing. Dancing in your living became a worldwide craze, and we started to appreciate the little things a bit more.

We all grew beards, kind of, and a LOT of people stopped working. The economy itself ground to a halt, and people, it’s fair to say started to panic……..

Just a little…

At the time a LOT of questions came in, “where do I put my money?” “should I pull everything out?”, “what should I do?”. 

And so I put a video out, that just said, stay calm, don’t panic, and don't start chopping around around with any investments you’ve got.

And now, if you’ve looked around at the markets: we’re back. 

The US and UK are almost back at pre coronavirus levels, and a lot of investments have now returned back to where they were, OR they’ve gone even further and profits are being made again. 

Of course, if you pulled out.. you’ve missed out. If you invested MORE, you’ve made extra. 

But there’s two lessons to take out of this:

1. Diversification, something that I’ve spoken about before, is SO SO important, the "don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket" analogy, it really helps the hits in times like this

2. You guessed it, it’s not timing the market.. it’s time IN the market. Because they only go one way, and that’s up, the falls are temporary, the rise is permanent

Is this us fully in the clear? It might not be, actually I don’t think so, as we come out of lockdown the infection rate might go up, and we might end up in lockdown again, which could spook the markets and things could go down again.

But learn the lesson, don’t panic. Stay the course.

Thanks for reading,


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